Guaymi tour

This is a private, cultural encounter.  In a very natural, non-staged way, you will have an unique opportunity to communicate with the families of the tribe. Our native guide Gama has known the family for many years and understands their way of thinking after spending so much time with the tribe. Myself, I lived a year with them, so there is respect and also the openness for real contact and an interesting talk about daily experiences, and both their and your beliefs.

First we take you by car to a mountain village of the Guaymi, or also called Ngabe Bugle. You will walk through nature on the indian trails, passing rivers to meet this other culture. The tour will take about 4 hours in total. You have to be able to walk well on small, sometimes steep paths. A part of the year you can have a refreshing dip in a natural pool with waterfall.

Rate: $55 p.p. with a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 people, transport is included (we only accept cash).

The Guaymi never surrendered to the Spanish, fighting until the collapse of the Spanish domination in the Americas. When Panama joined Colombia in the early 19th Century, the Guaymies remained unaware in their mountain villages. Now their children attend Panamanian schools, but they still keep their own aboriginal customs and practices alive.