Playa Las Lajas, an unspoiled beach!!

unspoiled playa las lajasPlaya Las Lajas is one of the most beautiful beaches of Panama. Between the 2 rivers ‘El Rio San Felix’ and ‘La Boca de Peña’ you can walk for about 12 kilometers on soft light colored sand. Most of the beach is still undeveloped, alined with palm trees and gives you a unique natural tropical experience. With impressive views on the island dotted ocean and formations of pelicans above the mellow waves.


beachplay4Panamanians love to visit their favorite Playa on sundays and national holidays. Those days certain public areas can get crowded, but you will always find kilometers of beach with nobody close by!

ss-bodyboard-wavesPlaya Las Lajas is ideal for both chilling out or doing nothing as well as doing activities like hiking, horseback riding, fishing, body boarding, swimming and sea-kayaking. While the real surfer dudes go to Santa Catalina, you can ride some pretty good waves here.Because of its broad expanse, the beach is perfect for kids to play on, and it is safe to enjoy the wide shallow bank of the ocean.

mangrovesBehind the beach you will find an intriguing world of mangroves, crabs on the beachwetlands and estuaries with an interesting bird and marine life. Birders are enthusiastic about the variety of feathered creatures one encounters in the surroundings of Playa Las Lajas. Ask Cocaleca Tours for custom made activities to explore the wild life of this unspoiled beach.

Last but not least: do not miss the spectacular sunsets and the full moons in summer time!!!!!